It's ALL About the FIT!

FIT RITE Precision Pipe Fitting System dramatically improves the speed and accuracy of pipe fitting. The patented design ensures perfect “pipe fits” in 15% to 20% of the man-hours traditionally required.

Speed and Accuracy
Spools consisting of pipe, flanges and fittings, in virtually any configuration, can be quickly and accurately “fit” and “tacked” for production welding. Flange bolt holes will straddle the natural centerline (be “two-holed”) or can be oriented as required. Flanges and fittings will be precisely aligned, square, level, plumb, and exactly 90° or 45°. The system fixtures work exceptionally well with multiple copies of the same pipe spool.

Minimum Tools Required
The FIT RITE Precision Pipe Fitting System is complete. Additional tools traditionally used such as two hole pins, framing squares, center punches, or other pipe fitting tools are no longer required for each individual "fit".

All Sizes, Schedules and Classes Available
FIT RITE Precision Pipe Fitting Systems are produced for sizes ranging from ½” through 12” nominal. Sizes up to and including 2” are for both butt weld and socket weld fittings and flanges. The systems will accommodate Class 150 through Class 600 flanges in sizes up to 3½”, and Class 150 and Class 300 in 4” through 10”. Optional Flange Cradles for Class 125 through Class 2500 are available in all sizes. Universal and size specific fixtures that accommodate sizes ranging from 14” through 72” O.D. can be produced by special order.

FIT RITE System Description
FIT RITE Systems primary fixture is the Fitting Cradle. The Fitting Cradle positions pipe, pipe fittings and flanges such that all end up on the same centerline. Two (2) Fitting Cradles are included. Also included are one (1) Fitting Rest each for Tee, Pipe Nipple, Pipe, Short Radius and Long Radius 90° Elbows and 45° Elbow. A Tri-Spacer which helps adjust, set and hold the weld gap is also included. The system fixtures are powder coated carbon steel. Stainless Steel Tube Fitting Systems required for Sanitary / Food or Clean Room work are also available. Tube and Pipe systems can be Passivated or Electropolished.

The SPEEDRAIL can be used to facilitate faster set up and extremely accurate 90° and 45° configurations, even if the fitting itself is not precise. The SPEEDRAIL allows the system to be used equally as well in the shop or the field.

Fit Rite Product Demonstration

Precision Pipe Fitting...

FIT RITE Precision Pipe Fitting System brings speed, quality, and safety to a new level for pipe fabrication.

• Speed, Accuracy, and Safety

• The man-hours saved in the “fit up” process will quickly provide excellent Return on Investment

• Perfect flange alignment and bolt hole orientation in seconds

• Fits are always perfectly aligned, level, square, and plumb

• No helper or assistance required to produce a perfect “fit up”

• Minimizes the need for traditional “fit up” tools

• Can be used in Shop or Field


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